AASPi Members’ Only

AASPI Membership

Being a member of the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of Illinois entitles you to benefits available only to shops who support the work of AASPI. For example, in the “newsroom” you will have access to full coverage of AASPI’s legislative activities, action items and regulatory news updates. In addition, industry news updates will be published in their entirety including timely AASPI responses to initiatives impacting the auto repair community.

Your personal login is your link to fresh and exciting industry information including the opportunity to apply for a nationally syndicated garage keeper’s insurance program through United Fire Group but serviced through your local agent network. In just two short years this program has grown to nearly $1.5 million in premiums and offering dividends for in each of the two years the program has been operating. A full line of individualize insurance programs for your shop are available exclusively to AASPI members.