AASPI Member Benefits

Automotive Service AASPI Member

AASPI member benefits fits into three categories: 1) Legislative Representation; 2) Educational; and 3) Business Services.

Legislative Representation:

AASPI government advocacy team, spearheaded by Cook-Witter, Inc, provides a constant access to legislators and regulators.

(Cook-Witter, Inc, a consulting and lobbying firm which is based in Springfield, and was founded in 1984. Cook-Witter, Inc specializes in representing the association community and many associations utilize the firm’s services to further enhance their governmental relations programs. C-W’s clients have achieved goals on issues involving healthcare, banking, manufacturing, real estate, transportation, revenue, local government and agriculture. http://cook-witter.com/)


AASPI provides opportunities for shops to gather in aggregate to learn from experts, fellow shops owners and other business leaders. These programs feature both technical and business development topics. The networking time allotted at these programs allows shops to shed roll up their sleeves, shed the competitive nature of the industry and share experiences that can help each other in their shop.

Business Services:

The leadership team of AASPI are shop owners and parts suppliers, all focused on providing services that can improve your bottom line. Whether it is in the promotion of a service or product, the offerings have been vetted by shop owners for shop owners and have a proven record to benefit its members.

AASPI’s cornerstone program is its dividend garage keepers insurance coverage that has saved members money on premiums and has the potential of delivering dividends at the end of the year. This coverage is provided by United Fire Group (UFG). For more information, call the AASPI office.