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Bankcard Analytics

We are all in business owners that utilize credit card processing and we’d like to introduce you to Dmitry Faybysh and Mark Milstein (AASPI Past President) at Bankcard Analytics, an AASPI endorsed service provider.

Their company is a credit card payments processor and for most of our businesses these days it is necessary to accept credit/debit cards.  As AASPI members you have been inundated with calls and mailing offerings “great rates” for credit card processing.  Our research has proven it very difficult to find time and make the analysis to find the best credit card payments processor, that not only has the best rates, but also fits our business needs.  For all of these reasons we encourage you to consider Dmitry or Mark at BankCard Analytics.

Several members of AASPI have switched to their processing and are saving thousands of dollars because of their help.(“My two stores are saving over $700 per month in CC fees. It’s free money! A no-brainer.” Erie-LaSalle Body Shop)

Dmitry and Mark are local in the Chicagoland area (Northbrook), provide a wide range of equipment, e-commerce, high end technology and software integrations, and of course offers fantastic rates!

The analysis is complimentary and savings are significant.

Feel free to contact Dmitry or Mark at

Dmitry Faybysh, CPA                                               Mark Milstein

Bankcard Analytics LLC                                           Bankcard Analytics LLC

(847) 722-4972 mobile                                            (847) 302-8310

df@bankcardanalytics.com                                     mark@bankcardanalytics.com


asTech is an AASPI “Elite Provider,” offering AASPI members a special discount on their product/service line for pre & post scans. Call Bill O’Brien at 312-877-3468 for information on the program and the AASPI discount.

What Is an asTech® Device?

The asTech® device is a remote diagnostic tool that allows collision shops and repair technicians to have a vehicle scanned before or after repair work is done. Scanning ensures that all of the vehicle’s issues have been fully addressed and that all systems are working properly.

Legislative Advocacy

AASPI contracts the Illinois Capitol Group to coordinate its legislative initiatives. Lead lobbyist is Brian Wojcicki. With the start up of the 101st General Assembly, we anticipate nearly 10,000 pieces of legislation. Monitoring this legislation to insure bills unfavorable to the automotive repair industry do not get passed, is in of itself a full-time job but in addition to that AASPI’s legislative agenda includes passing legislation that improves the well being of the industry.

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